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GOLD - AutoRenew$32.99
Duration: Until canceled

Sales Tax (8 %)$2.64

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This plan DOES NOT provide a TRIAL but instead offers discount each month for selecting regular billing. It has NO restrictions like trial accounts regarding access, features, functions and more. The structure outlined above including monthly, quarterly and annually. You understand the billing structure and consent to autorenewal services. Eliminating the auto renew feature but keep in mind you lose any discount provided, they don’t apply to specials and you are responsible for keeping up on your renewals. You may cancel anytime by completing the Cancellation Verification Form – ask a Representative in Chat or via email to send you the link. To cancel you fill out the cancellation request/verification form at least 4 hours prior to trial expiration. and must be reviewed by "Live" representative to be verified and processed. All digital sales are final upon billing without exception.You willing agree that you will not dispute this plan by using our service and accept credit instead.

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