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This plan provides a 48 HOUR FREE TRIAL - YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THE TRIAL PERIOD. The requirement for a valid credit card is for AVS (age verification service) through our Credit Card to confirm you're 18+. Free Trials offer you access to our platform, network, features and options. Note that some restrictions apply to Trial Accounts and are lifted upon reverting to regular service. There is no purchase necessary to participate. Upon completion of the trial you have the option to extend to regular service which lifts any restrictions or to cancel fill out the cancellation request/verification form at least 4 hours prior to trial expiration. Cancellation forms must be reviewed by "Live" representative to be verified and processed. All digital sales upon being billed are final as we incur licensing, hosting and taxes in advance to establish your account. By using our service you willing accept that there are no refunds for plans purchased or renewed under this valid agreement.

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